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The Top Social Media Updates From Facebook and Google

Do you use Facebook and Google on a daily basis?

They are considered as direct competitors on a global scale, If you are interested in covering the top social media news, Here are what has resulted from the cold war between them.

Facebook is coming with news trusted tab

Mark has announced a new update, In order to combat the disinformation and the spread of fake or biased news that we suffer from in our countries,

According to the Arab Youth Survey in 2018, almost two thirds (63 percent) of young Arabs say they look first to Facebook and Twitter for news.

One of the things that’s really worked over the last year or two is we’ve launched [Facebook Watch] for video, where people who weren’t getting all the video they wanted in News Feed could go to a place that’s a dedicated space to get video. Because that has started to really grow quickly, we’ve decided that there really is an opportunity to do something like that with news as well. Said Zuckerberg.

The “news tab”, which will be like facebook watch, will offer facebook’s audience with high-quality news that will be licensed from publishers and trusted partners.

This step takes the platform to a new high level and so, it is expected to compete with Google.

Facebook is seeking to offer people who are addicted to newsfeed scrolling with everything in one place. Fun and news!

Google’s second experiment of Social Networking application “Shoelace”

After the shutdown of Google+, it attempts to compete with a new social media channel named “Shoelace”.


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To “tie people together based on their interests — like two laces on a shoe” according to the application’s website. But how?

It is dedicated to getting people in the same city to organize local events and activities which are named “loops”.

Users are supposed to list their interests. After that, they can share those events, create a new event or browse and simply search for recommended activities.

Shoelace will cross the social media environment to help people connect and share real-life experiences and make new friends as well.

Shoelace is currently under test and available only in NYC area

By these two updates, from the two giants; Facebook and Google, it is clear that they aim to connect people with real and authentic experiences and news.

These noticeable Social Media updates hit users with regular improvements, in order to gain their loyalty and increase their positive impact on societies.

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