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Reham Saeed is probed from media after insulting obese women

During the last episode of TV show “Sabaya” of the popular TV presenter “Reham Saeed” on Al Hayat TV channel, she criticized obese women which went viral on social media.

Obese women are dead, burdens on their families and on the state, and are an eyesore.

You lose part of your femininity if you are fat.

According to her own point of view, they can’t walk properly and may wear long dresses ”Abaya”.

Reham even claimed that those women got engaged or married to obese men only, due to sharing similar body shape and then they complain about being dumped by their partners.

The results of those controversial statements

Reham currently faces a social media crisis from social media users, public figures, and celebrities who disagree with her words: such as Engy Wijdan and Ahmed Hassan.

On twitter, people launched hashtags #ريهام_سعيد, to express their anger and denounce her statements.



Reham Saeed reactions:

As a first reaction, she posted a video on her official Instagram account, to defend her point of view saying that she used to address her suffering as a fat woman.

This crisis also reflects the power of social media as a tool for personal branding.

On Friday, Reham posted a new video to say that she is facing a systematic campaign on social media and to announce that she will quit her job, as a presenter and as an actress.

She said that has been under stress for 16 years throughout her professional work in TV shows.

Reham added that she meant to promote good health and apologized for those who got her wrong.

The “National Council for Women” in Egypt filed a complaint against Reham Saeed mentioning that she is humiliating women.

The “Supreme Council for Media Regulation” interrogated Reham for insulting obese women.

The Media Syndicate decided to suspend her from practicing any media activity until settling this issue.

The Syndicate also asked the public prosecution to clarify whether Reham is working with a license or not.

As a result of this backfire, “Al Hayat” channel has also suspended Reham Saeed’s program “Sabaya”.

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