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Google photos made it possible to search Text-In-Photos

Have you ever thought about what information can you pull out from a simple photo?

Google Photos is known for its AI engine and their interesting features they come up with.

For a long time now, it’s easy to find anything you need from a photo, google photos can recognize objects, people, face expressions, colors and events with a small click, But what about the texts that appear in photos?

Now it’s possible, The trick here is a lens, google created a lens that has a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) filter, that can recognize any text from any photo.

Starting this month, you can go to google photo app and start typing any text you remember being in a photo, and if you want to copy text appears in any photo, you can do this with the lens button and it will highlight the words for you to copy/paste.

Also, Google Photos search-in-text will be available on IOS and android, and it will be perfect for documents, Wi-Fi passwords, and saved texts by a photo.

But like any new technology, there are some downsides that will be perfected over time, but until then there will be a struggle figuring out handwritten notes, abbreviations, wavy words, and foreign symbols.

So for now, when you try to search text in photos, only printed letters and clear fonts will work for you.

Also, another downside, on the desktop browser you can search the text in the photo, but can’t copy any of it due to the missing lens button.

Now, Are you interested to try this new feature? Or you’ll wait for the upgrade?

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