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Mark Zuckerberg decided to sell millions of his Facebook shares this year

This wasn’t the first time for Zuckerberg to sell his shares.

Also, Jeff Bezos did the same as Mark, where he has sold a lot of his Amazon shares this year. and this was not the first time for him also to do so.

Number of sold Facebook shares

Do you know how many shares es did Zuckerberg sold this month?

According to the US regulatory filings for August 2019, he sold around 1.6 million of his shares.

The sold shares for this month worth approximately $296 million.

Add to it, that the sold of Facebook shares since the beginning of 2019 worth more than $526 million.

A known reason for selling Facebook shares in the past

There is an initiative known by Chan Zuckerberg initiative.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife decided to have this initiative.

The Chan Zuckerberg initiative is concerned with Science, Education, Justice, and Opportunity.

A lot of Facebook stock sales was linked in the past for fundraising the Zuckerberg initiative.

So, Is he selling millions of his shares now for the same initiative?

When are the shares sold?

When the stock’s value raise, that is when the shares are sold.

Since the 22nd of August, the shares price for Facebook is raised with “39%“.

Although Facebook is facing more regulatory investigations than the past, stock sales are still coming.

Also, there are increased investigations that Facebook faces because of the Libra project that the Facebook company aims to implement.

The investigations are mainly conducted by “Europian and US authorities“.

Facebook Libra project

This project is a project proposed by Facebook. It is concerned mainly with dealing with Libra blockchain digital currency for Facebook transactions.


If you are interested in buying shares now, Just note that they are expensive but available due to the raise that occurred to their price.

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