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We deliver high quality content to our network's audience, Reach your targeted segments naturally in your niche by delivering your content to enhance your online presence, increase your engaging and grow your customers base.

What is Promediaz ?

The main objective of Promediaz is to deliver quality content to the right audience in multiple fields/categories according to the standards that retain the loyalty of our network's visitors, We are mainly focused on the delivered information and the quality of each single piece of content published through our network, We provide multiple services for you to reach your audience, engage your visitors and grow your customers base.

Traffic Services

We offer traffic services through our traffic platform for blogs to reach your targeted audience naturally using your native content, by registering your website with us.

Ads Campaign Managment

With our long experience in the field, We Grantee you the best results with the lowest cost for ads and a high conversion rate.

SEO & Optimization Services

We offer on-site seo services, schema data, site structure, speed optimization and a site-wide review to make sure that your website will stand out in search engines results.

Consultation Services

We are not just assisting you to develop and optimize your blog but also guide you to have better monetization out of it through advertising, affiliation and much more.

Traffic Platform for Targeted Audience

We connect qualified websites with the same categories/niches though our network to reach targeted qualified audience naturally with native content, register your website with our network to significantly increase your website's traffic, engage your audience and grow your customer base.

  • Targeted Audience
  • Easy To Use
  • Points System
  • Real Time Reports


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