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A serious warning to iPhone and iPad users: you are at Risk!

Well as you see even Apple, with billions of users and billions of profits can face hundreds of errors!

Apple now is facing its bad days.
Apple users have been facing a serious risk!

After the company’s user-hostile” iPhone battery practices were exposed, Face ID hacked, iOS code exploited and the iPhone 11’s final secrets revealed.

Things are getting worse.

A new attack “KNOB attack” has an impact on millions of smartphone devices (IOS and android phones).

while Google has already patched the problem and started to solve it out, iPhone and iPad users still face this problem due to apple’s mistakes.

KNOB stands for Key Negotiation of Bluetooth.

Simply this attack allows the hacker to get your data through the Bluetooth of your device.

The hacker can know all your information and even listen to your conversion with your friend through the Bluetooth or remotely headphones.

Unlike Android devices, any iPhone or iPad is vulnerable to the KNOB Attack if they are not running iOS 12.4.
And every device which has upgraded to it is vulnerable to a remote attack.

Apple has to solve this problem.
Releasing IOS 12.4.1 version must be a priority to get users’ devices safe.

If apple keeps silent with no solution for that problem, it might lose its billions of users.

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