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Google is launching a YouTube Kids as a Website and spreading safety

Google is launching a YouTube Kids as a Website.

Nowadays, children become aware of many things.

For example, they know Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

In addition, they know how to use it.

It starts to affect their lives, the way they think, the way they behave.

It consumes time from their lives without they feel.

One of the biggest problems that encounter the parents that YouTube isn’t convenient for their children because it includes videos that contain harmful content.

And the children shouldn’t watch these types of videos.

So, Google announced that they’ll launch a YouTube Kids as a website, in order to protect them from watching any inconvenient video.

Google is also developing a Youtube Kids application

youtube kids as a website

It creates an option which is new-age groups, the parents will choose the age of their kids.

YouTube Kids will show you the content that suits each age.

The kid who has 4 years old won’t see the same content as a kid has 10 years old.

Above all, This option will make the parent feel more secured and safe towards their kids.

YouTube Kids will help the parents to know their kids’ interests, which field they are curious at. Besides, they provide parents with a good and new tool so they can choose any content they want for their children.

They will also take the parents’ and experts’ opinions if they are any changes that should be taken into consideration or if they want to add something on the website.

It’s divided into three categories

Each category has its own content.

The first category

It’s Pre-school, 4 years old kid and all the content will be about creativity, exploration, learning and play too.

The second category

It’s is the youngest (5-7 years old)

The content will be almost about crafts, animations, songs, and games.

The third category

It’s the older (8 to 12 years old), they’ll be able to search independently, explore music video, family blogs, science, and games as well.

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