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The Instagram recent update which was a must for this platform.

The Instagram recent update shall be considered as the most important one since the day they launched this platform.

We are in 2019, and no one can deny how Instagram takes a huge part of our day.

With a large number of people using this platform,

it needs to be updated for more security and for fixing bugs that may happen during your daily experience with Instagram.

Instagram August’s latest update

It’s been three months since Instagram removed “like” totals for Canadian users.

And that change is causing small-business owners and Instagram bloggers to think about how to figure a way to know the number of likes they are getting.

So now it is August which means it is another month for another Instagram updates.

Reporting fake posts

Like other social media platforms, Instagram has been used to spread fake news through photos or videos which are being posted daily.

In February Instagram said it would ban graphic self-harm images.

In May, the platform started to block or ban some Hashtags that promote misinformation about the safety of vaccines.

This shows how Instagram tries to improve its security.

So finally, since the current users can only report posts which are inappropriate.

Instagram is going to add a new feature in its recent update.

A new feature that will allow people to report fake or false posts.

This new tool will enable people to report or flag any posts that may contain false news or provide wrong information.

The feature is the latest in a number of changes Instagram has made recently to try to improve the platform and protect its users.

People will be able to flag the false posts through the ”Report” button.

That button will be launched in the new update by the end of August.

By clicking on this button, the post won’t be completely removed, it must get reviewed at first.

It is just going to disappear from the ” Explore” page.

This update comes along in order to protect the business owners.

It also cames along to protect people from receiving the wrong information.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said in a tweet:

”I’m proud that starting today, people can let us know if they see posts on Instagram they believe may be false”

And also he added,

“There’s still more to do to stop the spread of misinformation, more to come.”

This shows that the ”Report” button is just the beginning in their challenge to face the fake posts.

So this Instagram recent update will definitely increase Instagram’s popularity among the other platforms.

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