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The Role Of Women In The Greek Mythology

It’s believed that women were treated with respect in the Greek civilization. The sole major thing that depicts that is their mythology as most of their deities were goddesses. This respect for women was out of their seeking for perfection and appreciating beauty as we shall see in the myths of Pygmalion and Galatea and Cupid and Psyche.

One definite thing in the Greek mythology is that if there weren’t women in the myths there won’t be absolutely myths at all. Myths are also thought to be a distinct reference for any researcher or scholar in all times.

In addition to their importance in the roots of Ancient Greek Mythology, the fairness towards women’s power in mythology can also be detected from the formation of important gender-neutral gods. These deities depart from the popular conception of their given roles and are both cultured and constructive, as well as revered in Greek society. For instance, Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill as she sprung from her father’s skull she had all things of the intellect.

She was also dressed as a man as well as partook in warfare and received respect and a position of authority both on and off Olympus regardless of her gender. This example shows how women were considered as an important part of the ancient Greek mythology which implies the true nature of the Greek mind thinking of women. Another example of the importance of women is Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and pregnancy as she was a living example of perfection in the ancient Greek mythology.

An important aspect of Aphrodite is that she hones her sexuality as a woman. Despite the common belief that women should stay pure and celibate, Aphrodite follows her passions and remains a respected and loved goddess of Olympus regardless of this fact. Everyone admired Aphrodite and went to her temples to pray for her as she was always kind and generous by making their requests come true.

The role of women wasn’t just determined by their beauty or intelligence it was also determined by their behavior such as Hera Zeus’s wife and the queen of all gods. She was mostly behaving like the mortals as she was trying to prevent her husband from marrying anyone else and if he did she was doing her best to get rid of them immediately. This absolutely implies how the Greek mind was imagining their gods and goddesses “in human shape “because that’s the sole way to imagine something reliable.

While there is a substantial amount of evidence proving the sexism and patriarchal systems present within Greek mythology, when one looks deeper at the representation of women one can see that the Greeks also gave examples of strength and power in female characters and their personality traits.

Through their importance in the creation of the mythological universe, their presence in the characteristics of important ambiguous gods and their unbridled personalities, women have a powerful role in Greek Mythology. While the fact that women were most often seen as second to men is not disproven, it is clear that they were also given their own position of authority and power in the mythological world. All in all, that’s how women gained their own powerful and beneficial role in the ancient Greek mythology.

Pictures Resources : Wikimedia – Aryanism

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