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How Artificial Intelligence will impact our lives?

Now artificial intelligence exists in all parts of your life, that doesn’t mean you will find robots around you but you will find it in smartphones such as “Siri”, “Google assistant”, “Telsa”, “Netflix”, and “Alexa”.

Also, social media platforms use artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s behavior through everything you do on any website and tailor the experience for you to be addicted to the website and come back again.

You interact with many (Artificial Intelligence/AI) technologies daily while you aren’t aware that you do use them.

As of now, Artificial intelligence has a big impact on people’s lives, but how will its effect change in the future?

What is artificial intelligence?

  • Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that makes machines have human intelligence that works and react like a human.
  • And it is more developed than programming a machine to do certain tasks.
  • It isn’t a new science, because it was first coined back in 1956 by Dartmouth professor John Mccarthy that he, a group of computer scientists, and mathematicians gathered to see if machines can learn like a young child.
  • They made lots of researches because they wanted to figure out how to make the machine solve a problem, use language, form abstractions, and concepts.
  • Since then, the idea of Artificial intelligence was discussed only in universities and laps and the idea wasn’t used in the real world.
  • But as time went by, a lot of research has been done to develop (AI).
  • Simply, you ask Siri to tell you the weather and “Siri” transfers your words into codes to understand it, then it gives you the proper reply.
  • Although this is quite an improvement, it is still programmed to do only certain tasks and you can’t ask for anything beyond what it has been programmed to do.
  • But nowadays, there is a new science that’s called “Machine learning“, which means that the machine has the same resemblance as a toddler.
  • By which, it learns by experience and it builds information and over time the machine gets smarter.

Jobs will disappear due to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence take human place

Disappearing jobs in the future is one of the biggest negative impacts of artificial intelligence.

According to oxford university, 45% of current jobs will disappear in the future, which means the future won’t be good for some people.

Especially if you work in one of the following jobs:

1. Drivers

  • We all know the electrical cars but the newer technology is “Self-driving Cars“.
  • “Telsa” is one of the biggest car companies which announced the new generation of self-driving cars.
  • Although it is going to be the future of cars, it will take nearly 4 years to have the approvals and to be allowed to drive.
  • It is expected that Cars will be automated by the next 10 years, and they will be available 24/7 and will cost less, which encourages the companies to take the steps further.
  • Despite, all of the features of self-driving cars, this technology will affect a lot of people like taxi drivers, “Uber”, and trucks, which will be leaving these people out of work.
  • It will also impact the whole process of delivery; as it will be automated starting from booking the order from your smartphone.

2. Sports Referees

We already have this technology, that some sports don’t need a human referee now by using goal-line technology and video assistant referee system as an alternative.

Some of the sports that use this technology are:

  • Cricket.
  • Tennis.
  • Rugby.

Furthermore, the soccer governing body (FIFA/Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is willing to use the new technology in soccer to be more accurate and make real-time decisions during a match.

3. Travel agents

When you are determined to travel, what are the steps to prepare for your trip?

Simply you will book a hotel and tickets from the internet using applications and websites specialized in this field, in easy steps.

Which also offer you a comparison between a lot of choices and prices.

That is what made travel agent companies struggle to hold their position with these technological advancements.

4. Telemarketer

  • Not long-ago telemarketing was essential to reach target customers, but things have changed and modern technology added new techniques.
  • Most of the customers don’t prefer the telemarketing method and seem annoyed by it.
  • In contrast, telemarketing automation like a recorded message that is specific and won’t lead to long talks will be better for customers.
  • Another more effective way is “Digital marketing” which took over telemarketing.
  • Digital marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use artificial intelligence to track user’s behavior on the platform, for example, all your likes, shares, and what fields attract you the most.
  • From these data, companies can determine whether you are the target customer or not, besides they will gather some personal information about you too.
  • Through this process, companies can create appropriate ads for the targeted customers, moreover, customers are enjoying this way.
  • That is why digital marketing is efficient and gets perfect results.

5. Cashier

Some places decided to dispense the cashier like “Mcdonalds” and automated it completely.

There is a tendency for companies and stores to depend on machines because it works 24/7 with fewer errors if compared to humans.

Furthermore, “Amazon” does an experiment store with no human named “Amazon corner store”.

In which, you go to the store and grab whatever you want and the payment will be made online by credit card.

And this experiment takes this technology one step forward.

6. farmer

In the past agriculture needs a lot of labor that made it dependent on people.

It needs a group of people to harvest and gather the crops plus drivers to transport the final product.

But as time passed by, farmers are now using machines to facilitate the process of planting and use airplanes in seeding and irrigation the land, also satellite imagery to measure the plot of the land.

In the future agriculture will be automated and will depend on one person to operate the machines by a wireless connection.

And as has been mentioned previously the trucks will also be self-driving.

7. Bank tellers

Now, most people use ATMs in most of their transactions and check their bank accounts online.

Also, there are automated banks where you deal with computers only.

Automated banks will be as ATMs, in the beginning, people didn’t prefer it but with time they get to use it.

Also, this doesn’t mean that we won’t need humans in the bank, it will always be essential to deal with a customer service representative when you have trouble or a specific order.

Jobs will be in demand in the future

As we mentioned a lot of jobs will disappear because of (AI), some people consider these jobs are low-level and it’s better if they are automated.

One of the advantages of these machines and robots is doing dangerous jobs instead of people.

Humans will do creative and high skills jobs, machines and computers will be assistants to help humans doing tasks easier and in less time.

What jobs will be in demand in the future?

1. Medical field

  • The jobs in medicine will be in high demand, not only the doctors but also all jobs in this field.
  • Nurses are also in high demand and it is expected to thrive in the future that the increase in employment from 2010 to 2020 is +26%.
  • Furthermore, home health aides’ specialists who take care of old people will be in high demand.
  • And the changes in employment rate from 2010 to 2020 are +69,4%.
  • On the other side, lots of doctors’ tasks are being automated which will help them diagnose the diseases more accurately, and also will be used in treatment and researches.
  • One of the great artificial intelligence technologies in the medical field is the “DaVinci machine” invention.
  • It’s where the doctor directs the operation from his office and the patient is in another place.
  • For instance, the doctor can be in Europe and the patient in Africa and the machine performs the surgery.

2. Creative jobs

Although it’s true that (AI) is smart but it’s still not as smart as humans, because it can’t do a lot of jobs.

As an example of these jobs: photography, design, architect-engineering, painting, and video editing.

Smart technologies haven’t yet reached the level where it can take a nice shoot or design a picture to attract people and send a valuable message through it or drawing and combining colors with a sense or editing videos smoothly.

New technologies will help you do these jobs much easier and much faster but they can’t do these jobs as perfectly as humans.

As a result, creative jobs will be thriving in the future.

3. Developers and software engineers

It’s so true that developers and software engineers are in increasingly high demand, and will be having a bright future.

As it’s expected that the engineering field demand will grow from 24% to 31%.

In other words, all jobs related to technology will be thriving in the future.

Most companies have a website and an application that opens lots of opportunities for developers.

Impacts of artificial intelligence in the future

Artificial intelligence already affects our lives, and it is like anything in our lives has advantages and disadvantages that also depend on the way we interact with this technology.

The advantages of artificial intelligence are

  • Makes our lives easier.
  • Makes fewer errors if compared to humans.
  • Works in dangerous jobs on behalf of humans and low-level types of works.
  • It offers new entertainment technologies like video games and “VAR\Video Assistant Referee”, As used in football matches.
  • Search prediction to help you search faster and easier.
  • It works 24/7.

The disadvantage of artificial intelligence

  • The machines misunderstand and lack wisdom when dealing with things.
  • The machines do what they have been programmed to do only.
  • Error-repairing and any malfunctions cost a lot, and only high specialists can fix them.

What is the impact of AI on our lives?

  • As we mentioned before that many of the jobs will disappear due to artificial intelligence intervention and unfortunately, these types of jobs have many people working on them.
  • And that causes a big problem, for instance, in the USA the trucking industry has 15.5 million trucks and having 10 million drivers, and by the increased dependence on the self-driving technology, the drivers will be left out of work>
  • And this applies to many other types of jobs
  • Another impact of artificial intelligence is high technology weapons, these weapons have high-tech and affordable.
  • That’s why now mass shooting is a big problem that these highly developed weapons can kill a lot of people in just minutes.
  • If more advanced weapons are used in wars, it will destroy countries and civilizations very easily and target the goals very accurately.
  • In another perspective, these weapons will save us from terrorism.
  • Another disadvantage is that technology and artificial intelligence make the users lazy and dependent on them to do their tasks and also impatient in doing anything when getting stuck in any task.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of technology is that developing medical equipment and machines helps in:

  • Getting an accurate diagnosis of diseases and control the spread of them.
  • As well as performing difficult surgeries.


Although artificial intelligence will hugely impact lives, still, we can manage to handle these effects, that we control these technologies, not the other way around.

Also, they have lots of advantages and disadvantages, that’s why we should apply them wisely and only when necessary.

What do you think the future will be with artificial intelligence?


What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that makes machines have human intelligence that works and react like a human.

What Jobs will disappear due to artificial intelligence?

  • Drivers.
  • Sports Referees.
  • Travel agents.
  • Telemarketer.
  • Cashier Bank Tellers.
  • farmers

What Jobs will be in-demand in the future?

Humans will do creative and highly-skilled jobs in fields like:

  • Medicine.
  • Software engineering and developing.
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