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Book2trip: An Egyptian Based Vacation Rental Booking Platform

Booking online means an online website/app that Offers services for multiple types of clients to connect them together to rent or book a property from one client to another.

Why should you online?

1- Much cheaper

Traffic congestion will make you lose a lot of time, also you will pay more money to arrive to agent’s office.

But if you use online service to book something or buying products it will save your money and time.

2- You know! You don’t need any thing but internet.

It’s simple you don’t need to have any solid experience with computers.

You need only laptop, computer, tablet or any smartphone and internet, and you can rent apartment, cars, hotels, hostels, trips, flight tickets, train, bus etc.

You can determine your needs like date and price that suits you.

In addition to comparing between many competitors offering the service or between the offered items too.

3- You Don’t need credit card

Yes, you don’t need credit card.

Due to many payment options now like cash on delivery, bank deposit and many other options provided.

4- You will only pay for what you booked.

You will pay for the price of the property you booked in addition to the commission of the platform, and that will be all cleared out while conducting the booking process.

5- Planning Ahead

You can plan ahead for your vacation or trip, since you can book a rental from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to wait till you get to your destination to start searching.

In this review, we will be focusing on an international booking platform based in Egypt.

Book2trip: Egyptian Based Vacation Rental Platform

Book2trip is a vacation rental platform which operates internationally, with no commission or fees applied on the host or the guest.

Since the platform is a community that connects hosts and guests together, here are the details for each type of the clients.

1- Hosts:

If you own an extra room, house, studio, villa or chalet, you can list for rent and start making money.

If you have problems like:
How will I rent it? How to get a tenant? What is the cost of commission to rent it?

Book2trip was built to resolve these type of problems:

1- You don’t need to pay any commission, just sign up your account and list your property for rent online for free.

2- You can choose the tent that suits you.

3- you can name your price according to quality of your property, however you need to maintain a good relation with the tenant as both parties will be able to leave a review for each other.

2- Guest.

1- you can book a rental in anywhere you want, You will found the description of the rent and available days in addition to the map to get there easily.

2- Use filters

Filters like date, number of guests, cost per night, cleaning fees, Security Deposit, Additional Guest, Discount and finally the total cost of the rent.

3- Reviews
You can read all the previous review of the rental you willing to rent, and rate for it too.

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