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How to be Smart and Sustainable?

Nowadays technology has influenced our life. How many applications we depend on in our daily tasks ?, with the increase of electrical based devices that increase energy consumption which leads to high cost of energy used the environmental burden of this excess use of energy, but as everything has its two sides technology brings to us a good and sustainable devices and application.

Some of this application was a science fiction before but now it’s reality like the reality I am setting right now to write this article under the light of one of this applications, some of these applications can save energy and decrease the environmental burden and one of them as we called the “Smart Home” this home like any other one, but it has some automation systems and devices that allow the owner to control the house remotely by just a single click on his smartphone.

The major scientific concept behind this devices is the “IOT” the internet of things, that’s how you can connect with any device in your home remotely, when you are going home and want some coffee you just have to order it from your own kettle, when you are on your way to the work and you remember that you forgot to turn the light off that is what automation house systems do for you.

Some of These Devices :

1- A home thermostat “Nest Thermostat” that allows you to control the temperature of the house from anywhere by you smart home and that saves a lot of money that being wasted by the waste of heat energy by regular home heating systems.

2- Light bulb “Philips Hue starter kit” this bulb you can turn it off by smartphone and that helps if anyone forgot his home lights on.

3- Motion Sensors, the majority of motion sensors smart systems work on infrared rays, it detects the heat of the human body within and every sensor differs from another in its power and its effective area, Motions sensor can be installed on the electrical grid on the house and turns of the lights when there is nobody in the house and that saves many bills go on the waste of the electrical power.

5- The best of the best is to install and green power source for your home and that saves you a lot of money also I save the environment so “be smart be…… sustainable”

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