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Not Now

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Procrastination, Is it a naturally occurring trait or a later-on acquired characteristic? Maybe it is our already atrocious disposition that lets this foreign nature weave its way into our minds, the very same disposition that allows you to eat fries off your sibling’s packet and still take the fuller without a fleck of regret.

Don’t mistake me dearest reader; for I’m no philosopher nor do I even try to be one, I’m simply trying to make out this conundrum which has delayed the birth of this article up till this very moment.

The only logical path is to try to reach the heart of this peculiar yet quite common praxis. So, why do we daily in doing what we ought to? We never start studying tomorrow, we never start working out on Sunday & we certainly never start dieting next month.

Some may say that we ONLY drag our feet towards actions that we don’t really favor. But how can we explain the piles of papers/assignments on each of our desks that should be turned into the faculty that we’ve spent the past thirteen years dreaming of? The incomplete spreadsheets belonging to the system of the job that you’ve chased for god knows how long. So, no, it can’t be that!

In my own very modest opinion, Procrastination is self-made due to pressure. Our world, our hesitant future, our worried parents always put this tremendous burden on us to reach perfection in everything.

Everywhere we go there’s a competition of sort to become the best. This vicious rat race takes everything that we love and squeezes the life of it, molding it into a painful routine. We have to cram mountains of hardly useful information into our mind, not to learn and not to become better people but to get a better grade and to be better –in the eyes of society- than our colleagues.

We have to work day and night, not to get the hang of your job and not to establish and advance one’s career but to beat your co-worker in handing in a report and consequently getting a raise.

Procrastination is a cancer of sorts but it’s not the root of all evil, it’s a reaction NOT an action, it’s a sign of us overdoing ourselves. The only way for us to get back on track & resume our choices and dreams is to STOP, admit that you’re tired and that you need to rest, recharge your batteries.

Afterward, we must get back to why each and every one of us chose this specific road. Think and think again is this your heart’s desire? If the answer is YES, then go on, hit the road running but in your own way, don’t settle and don’t let anyone convince you that it’s all gloom.

If however you answer is NO, then you must take it as a rule of thumb, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Experiment with every single thing that catches your interest, you never know where your element might be!

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