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New Facebook Certification: Great Chance for Beginners!

are you new in the digital marketing field? And want to be expert?

Now Facebook has announced a new certification for beginners.

What is facebook certifications

Facebook blueprint (facebook learning academy) has five types of certifications for professionals:
two of them for digital marketers and three of them for product developers.

For digital marketers, you can learn all facebook business tricks through facebook blueprint.

Then, you take an exam on one of the following fields: media buying or media planning.

Media buying certification

This certification makes you able to your audience, competitors, design strategy and be able to measure the results using advanced and effective tools.
You can apply this through Facebook, Instagram, and messenger.

This exam costs you 150$ and it is duration 105 minutes.

Scoring system range from 300-1000 with a minimum of score 700 to pass.

If you get below 700, you must retake the exam.

So study well before your exam to get it from the first try.

Media planning certification

Media planning is the process where the marketer determine where, when, and how often they will run an advertisement in order to maximize engagements and ROI.

This certification measures the marketer competency in designing an end-to-end Facebook marketing strategy that aligns to business goals and complements a holistic marketing plan.

Like the media buying certification, It cost you 150$.
And its duration is 105 minutes and has the same scoring system.

The new certification: Digital Marketing Associate

Facebook announced lately about new certification for digital marketing students, job seekers or beginners.

If you have at least 6-month experience running ads on facebook, messenger or Instagram,
you are qualified to take this certification.

Unlike other certifications, this one is for free and its duration 90 minutes.
It is on the pilot phase and accessed by invitation. And it will be published in October 2019.


if you are new in this field and want to be an expert, facebook certificate is a great step on your career path.

Learn more through facebook blueprint, take the new exam when it publishes.

Then start the professionals’ road.

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