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Have the chance to understand your Facebook page performance now!

Most of the businesses created nowadays depend on digital marketing for their success.

Facebook is a very strong platform for digital marketing purposes, That’s why you need to understand your Facebook page performance now!

But how will you use Facebook effectively, and efficiently to reach your goals?

Having a Facebook page to promote your business, product or service will help you do so.

And ofcourse you would need to watch your Facebook page performance.

Digital Marketing definition

What is Digital Marketing?

It is mainly about using digital platforms to market your product, or service directly to your customers.

Those platforms can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, your business website, or many other platforms.

It needs a lot to market your products digitally.

You may need a lot of tools like web design, logos, content writing, layout, website architecture and many more tools.

Using a platform like Facebook, and using the Facebook page performance management tools will help your business excel.

The importance of digital marketing nowadays

Digital marketing helps marketers reach people at low cost, and at a better, faster rate.

Also, it helps marketers measure their marketing plans performance.

Digital marketing will help you market your brand more, and have a rise in your sales.

Add to it, you would be able to compete with your competitors, why?

As most of the business owners understand well the importance of digital marketing and use it for marketing purposes.

Digital marketing history

digital marketing

Before digital marketing arise there was traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing mainly depended on marketing a product or service via TV, magazines, radio, or newspaper.

With the increase of social media penetration to every home and the stronger access to the internet, people started to have more access to digital platforms.

Then Digital marketing started developing and was mainly concerned with email marketing, blogging, video creation, using social media platforms, and using the science of search engine optimization for marketing purposes.

Creating a Facebook page

How to create a Facebook page?

You can just follow the Facebook website guidelines to create a page which states:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to choose a Page type.
  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Creating a Facebook page for your business will help you a lot reach your customers to get more sales.

Be aware that any Facebook page you will create will have the Facebook performance measurement tools.

Also, note that the Facebook page in a way can help you increase the traffic to your website.

Add to it, it’s known how much a business facebook page can be an important source of leads for your business.

Facebook page tools to promote for your business

It is really helpful for your business to start posting on your Facebook page.

Also, you need to have a plan to make diversified Facebook posts.

Facebook will help you do so using its tools.

Using Facebook ads feature will help you promote your business effectively.

Also, Facebook ads will help your posts reach a wide range of people.

You will be able through the Facebook ads to identify the region you want your ad to reach.

Not only so, but you would be able to add a list of interests for your targeted audience.

Additionally, there is a place in the ad where you can exclude criteria too.

You can create live video on your Facebook page either to get more leads or engage more customers.

Add to it the option for scheduling your Facebook posts really will help a lot.

The scheduling option will help you not to miss any content you wanted to publish on a certain day.

Also, Facebook posts scheduling will help you plan, and execute ahead.

Also events creation feature, and offers feature in your facebook page will help you tremendously to reach your targetted customers.

Moreover, the Facebook page offers you Call now button, This button would help your customers reach you because of the easiness of how they can contact you.

Facebook page performance measurement tools

Facebook page performance result

In the Facebook page insights section, you will find plenty of tabs which are Overview tab, Ads tab, Followers tab, Likes tab, Reach tab, Page views tab, Page previews tab.

There are also Actions on page tab, Posts tab, Events tab, videos tab, stories tab, people tab, local tab, messages tab, and orders tab.

All these tabs will help you understand your Facebook page performance.

Overview tab

You will find insights for both organic and paid activities for your Facebook page.

Add to it, it gives you a summary for your page and you can choose the period you want that summary for.

Also, the overview tab includes the following insights to measure: Actions on-page, Page views, Page previews, page likes, post reach, story reach, recommendations, post engagements, video, responsiveness, page followers, orders.

Moreover, it would visualize for you the performance of the most recent posts like the reach and engagement rate.

Add to it, you would find the Pages to Watch section.

That pages to watch section is mainly about your Facebook page competitors.

That’s why this tool will help you measure your Facebook page performance against the competitors’ pages performance.

Not only so, but it also offers you suggested pages to watch.

Also please note that this overview tab will give you the option to export your Facebook page data.

Let’s analyze each insight in the overview tab:
  1. Actions on page: This will help you get data about the number of clicks people have clicked on your contact info, and call to action button.
  2. Page views: It will show you how many times people viewed your page profile.
  3. Story reach: It will help you know the number of people that saw stories on their page from your Facebook page.
  4. Page likes: It visualizes the number of likes your Facebook page has gained whether organically or through paid promotion for your page.
  5. Posts reach: It shows the number of people who had seen posts on their page from your Facebook page whether organically or through paid ads.
  6. Page previews: It visualizes the number of times people clicked on your page name, or your Facebook page profile picture to see your page content.
  7. Recommendations: It shows the number of times people recommended your page.
  8. Post engagements: This is a very helpful tab that makes you aware of the number of times people engaged with your posts through likes, maybe comments or shares too.
  9. Responsiveness: It visualizes the percentage of replying to the messages your Facebook page receive.
  10. Video: You can know from it the number of times people has watch videos on your page for more than 3 seconds.
  11. Page followers: number of new followers who follow your page either organically or through paid ads.

Ads Tab

You would be able to find the performance of the ads you create in the (visit ad centre) tab.

Upon visiting the ads centre you will find 4 main tabs.

Those tabs are Promote, Overview, All ads, and Audiences.

The promote tab you would click it if you need to promote for your page or a Facebook post.

The Overview tab includes an advertising summary for your Facebook page.

The advertising summary includes the money you spent on your ads for a specific period of time, advertised posts engagements, their reach, the number of the link clicks, also the number of messages conversations started because of that ad.

All ads tab: It contains the details of all your displayed ads example who placed that ad, when, that ad cost, number of people reached, and number of messages received from those ads, and View results Tab that shows detailed results for your ad.

Audiences Tab: This will help you see any ads audience you have defined before for your ads on Facebook, edit those audiences, and also in this tab, you can create an audience.


It will show you the net number of followers, new followers, number of unfollows, organic followers, and paid followers.


It visualizes organic likes, paid likes, unlikes, and net likes, Moreover, it will show you the source of the pages likes whether its the news feed or any other source.


Moreover, the reach tab will show you total page reach, and also actions that are taken on your Facebook page to get more or less reach as for example the number of times people clicked hide posts, or unliked your page.

Additionally, the reaction to your page posts is also visualized as how many times people clicked wow, or loved a post!

Also, of course, this tab will show you the detailed posts reach whether organically or paid, and detailed analysis for the actions of the people visiting your page as commenting, and sharing on your Facebook page posts.


It will show you your Facebook page total views, and the source for these views either its Facebook or any other source.

Add to it it shows you also analysis for the people who have viewed your page for example it will let you know the age, gender, country, city of the people who viewed your page, and even the device they used whether it was an iPhone maybe or Samsung!

That analysis will help you know better the buyer persona you are targeting.

Page previews

That tab will show you the number of times the page preview has been seen, and the number of people who have previewed your page, also there is a classification for those people who previewed your page by their age and gender.

Actions on page

That tab visualizes the number of people who have clicked the action button, people who clicked get directions, people who clicked the phone number and the number of people who clicked the website button.

Also, there is a very good classification for the people who have done any of the actions above by their gender, age, country, city, and device used to do any of the actions above.


It will show you a table having all published posts along with their titles, date of publishing, posts clicks, reactions, and reaches.

Add to it whether you would like to boost a specific post or not.


It will open for you a page includes but not limited to event creation, recommend actions for you to have more successful events.

Add to it that it would show you the presence of any active posts you need to respond too.


It shows the performance of the videos published by the page, and the number of times the videos have been watched for 3 seconds.


It visualizes the insights for the stories your page has been publishing.


This tab is amazing, It will help you get a very clear image of your Facebook page fans.

Moreover, it will help you target them better in your ads.

It will help you analyze your fans gender and age group.

Add to it, it will help you know their countries, cities, and used language.


It shows messaging performance during a specific time.

In the messages section, you will find the number of messaging connections, block rate, the new messaging connections, and the new blocked connections.

Moreover, you would be able to find measurements for the reported messaging connections(by any of the facebook users).

Your responsiveness rate too for the messages sent to your Facebook page will be measured.


It is very useful to use the Facebook page performance measurement tools as there are many benefits for using them.

As mentioned before it will help you know through them how your competitors perform.

Furthermore, this will help you get a clearer image of the buyer persona you need to target.

And having the Facebook performance measurement tool as a free tool is cost-effective.

It is cost-effective for all types of businesses either small or big ones.

Launch your Facebook page now to start promoting for your business, and don’t be afraid, Why?

Because using the Facebook page performance measurement tools will help to place you on the correct track.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a tool to market your product, or service directly to your customers through digital platforms.

What is the importance of digital marketing?

Digital marketing will help you reach a lot of customers in a good timing at low cost, and at a better, faster rate than the traditional marketing techniques.

What are the Facebook tools that help promoting a business?

The Facebook ads tools, the Facebook scheduling option, the Call now button, Events creation feature, and a lot more.

What are the Facebook page performance measurement tools?

The following tabs will help you measure your Facebook page performance effectively:
Overview tab, Ads tab, Followers tab, Likes tab, Reach tab, Page views tab, Page previews tab, Actions On-Page tab, Posts tab, Events tab, and other tabs.

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