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Importance of Marketing For a Business

marketing importance for business success

Importance of marketing for your business success

Marketing is a broad word that can cover all aspects from spreading the word out, building your brand awareness, getting your clients or even maintaining and delighting your current client, its one of the main factors for a business success, in many cases it can also be considered as the core of the business itself, without marketing how would your prospects will know about you ? how will they know that your products or services even exist ? how you will get more sales ? in a nutshell without marketing all your amazing products and great services will stay in the shadow and no one will even know about it and your business may even close.

Why you need to promote your business ?

For any product/services to be sold you will need to promote it to the right potential customer in away that your customer is mostly comfortable with, unless your bran/business somehow already known in the community and relies on the word of mouth or the previous reputation that your brand already made then your products/services will never have the opportunity to get introduced to your customers and your brand will never get the chance to progress and get notices either, creating and conducting a tailored marketing strategy according to your prospects needs and the nature of your business then it will never get the opportunity to get notices by the potential customers

Is brand awareness and reputation important for your business ?

Well, any business success always relies on the brand reputation, when your products or services reaches or goes beyond the expectations of your customers then your bran reputation gets a solid ground in the market since marketing connects your products and services to your brand name and it also works both ways since if your brand already has a firm reputation then by nature all the customers will feel the same way about any of your new products or services which will definitely lead to your business success

The trade of cost and efficiency of marketing

when you employ a good marketing strategy that will spread the word out and your products/services will get notices and sales will start to grow along with your brand reputation, also once your customers get delighted by the service and products that you deliver to them they will recommend it to their friends and family which will get you a better chance to get noticed which is also called a word of mouth marketing, however you should also be aware that when you spread the word it won’t only reach your customers but also your competitors so it’s not only about marketing but also about your offered prices and quality as well, since your main object to get notices in the marketplace of your industry then you will need to study that market very well, so all that won’t be done for free so you have to calculate the needed budget and compare it to your current budget then calculate the ROI “Return on investment” so there is no perfect solution here, you will need to go through the whole process of finding the right marketing strategy the will really help your business grow then apply and compare the number and improve it till you reach your desired ROI and your business success

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