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Buyer persona as a guidance of your business strategy

Do you feel that your campaign does not get the expected result?

No matter how hard you try, or what marketing strategies that you apply.

You always feel that you get the wrong audience which impacted you with low ROI.

This can be considered as the impact of ignoring your buyer persona.

To determine your right buyer persona, Ardath Albee pointed out that:
companies go out of business if they ignore these questions: Who the heck are we going to talk to? Why will they care? What are we going to say that’s relevant to them?

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a research-based profile that determines who is your targeted customer.

Buyer personas describe who your ideal customer is, what is the challenges that he/she can face, and how he/she can make a purchasing decision.

Also, buyer persona helps you to know how your target audience thinks and does during their buying journey.

It sounds to be easy, but it is not.

Buyer personas are not a simple checklist that includes what your audience love or need.

It requires deep researches that help you to understand what the persona cares about, what is their lifestyle, who they interact with, and what type of content they prefer and engage with.

To build strong personas, you have to understand that they are not representative of a real person.

You can consider it as a composite sketch of a segment of your target market.

And it’s designed to help your brand to align with these specific buyers’ needs and priorities to build engagement that can result in a profitable relationship.

Before we go in-depth with building a buyer persona, we have to understand the impact of well-developed personas and how it will affect your business and your marketing strategies

Why your business should use the buyer personas?


Buyer personas help you to understand your customers in the best way.

Knowing your customers’ need or pain point makes you able to segment your market and provide the perfect solutions(whether by providing new product or service) for your audience.

Also, it will make it easier for product development.

Acquire more target Audience

Creating buyer personas allow you to know better about your targeted audience.

You will learn things that you do not know about your customers.

Knowing more about your customers’ insight will help you in converting your potential customers to loyal ones.

Understanding your buyer personas help your content and marketing strategist make the right message and decisions.

In other words, we can say that by knowing buyer personas you can tell your audience what they want to hear.

Also, once you know your persona, you can acquire a new audience by making online campaigns that targeting “A lookalike audience”.

This means you can get a new audience that has the same criteria that your current one has.

Empathize With your customers

Using personas fosters empathy for the specific users we are designing for, and help us break away from the attempt to design for everyone. Aurora Harley

With the wide usage of internet and website existence, you can know all the characteristics of your customer.

Thus, you will be able to better empathize, understand and connect with them.

Listening and knowing what is your customer priorities helps you to identify their purchasing behavior and personas.

Besides, you will be able to determine problems and pain points and convert them to sales.

These processes will make you get real information and keep you away from any assumptions about your ideal customers.

Gain a competitive advantage

The main challenge of any business strategy is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over the available competitor on the market.

Once you know the buyer persona, you can gain a competitive advantage by providing the customers with valuable service, products, or features that they want.

Thus, we can consider that gaining competitive advantages by knowing personas is very easy.

You know what, when and how to meet your buyer needs.

Thus you can provide it before anyone in the market does.

Segment your market

After understanding your buyers, you can find subcategories of your audience.

For example, you can divide your audience into three segments depending on their needs, wants and problems that they face.

Thus this will help you in determining what the products or features each segment wants, what is the tone of voice you will use, and what is the method you will communicate with them.

Guide your customer through the buying journey

Knowing your personas help you in developing the customer journey map.

The customer journey can be described as the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.

It consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and purchase.

You will be able to understand buyer behavior throughout the journey.

This helps you to contact a strategy that guides them to make the purchasing decision.

Optimize the company’s return on investment (ROI)

A key success factor if knowing personas is that it enables you to invest your money and time in the right place.

Defining your customers’ demands, age, hobbies, and locations enable you to reach them and make the right marketing strategy.

Which give consumers what they want and provide them with product or services to purchase, resulting in more revenue and profit.

How to Build a strong buyer persona?

Building buyer personas need real information about your audience.

You want to know your ideal customer.

Thus, you have to know the actual buyers of your brand, not the people you wish to buy from you.

So, you have to start in-depth research about your audience.

You can follow the following steps for gathering the required information.

Do the audience research


Picture source: Neil Patel

The purpose is to know what is your audience characteristics, and who is the actual buyer of your product or service.

Thus, you have to know your buyer’s age, location, language, interests, stage of life and spending power and patterns.

You can know this information through three different types of interviews:

  • Internal interviews:
    conducting interviews with employees and departments who directly interact with customers and can define your audience.
    Employees such as salesmen, marketers, social media moderators, product development and customer service can define the right characteristics of your ideal customers.
  • External interviews:
    You can do interviews directly with your customers.
    You have to conduct a good questions list to make the interview short for your customers.
    Or you can survey to get the information that you need.
  • Online survey: You can use different types of online platforms and conduct your survey.
    An online presence will help you in reaching your customers easily and with nearly no cost.

Use your website insights and social media analytics

Once you have an online presence, such as your website or different social media platforms, you can use its insight in doing customer analysis and conducting your buyer persona.

You can use your website back-end to know all the information about your actual buyer.

Also, you can Google analytics to get more insights about your customers.

Besides, social media analytics can help you in defining your customers.
You can know not only the actual buyers but also the people who interact with your social account.

Identify your customers’ pain points

Well, you got all the information you need about your customers.

Now, you have to get the gap between what the customer need and what you provide.

You have to identify what are the problems and pain points that your customer’s face, Can you solve it and how.

One key to finding out it is to engage in social listening and social media sentiment analysis.

Determine How Your brand can help

After determining your audience and identifying their problems and needs, you have to identify what can your brand provide.

You need to stop thinking about your brand in terms of features and dig deep to analyze the benefits you offer to customers.

Also, you have to determine how customers see your brand.

A simple evaluation of your brand can be known by keeping an eye on your customers’ reviews about your brand.

In addition to learning what people think about your organization, you will be able to identify your weaknesses, especially concerning competing businesses.

Another benefit of using this tactic is quick access to demographic information, as those leaving reviews also tend to mention their personal name and company position.

How a buyer persona can guide your strategy?

Knowing your ideal customer is the first step that guides your direction of the whole business.

For instance, once you know what your audience needs, the product development department starts to get what the customer wants.

The marketing team starts to identify suitable channels that can find an audience on.

Creating the right message to them and engage with them.

Then customer service and sales teams can sell and get direct feedback from the customers.

In other words, you can say that a buyer persona helps you to know the customer insights and make cross-departmental alignment to make a successful strategy.

Which will lead to higher revenue and high ROI.


To upgrade your revenue and increase your sales, think twice about your buyer personas.

Did you target the right audience, do you know what they need right now?

Always think about your buyer personas every time you decide your business and your marketing strategy.

Getting the right buyer persona makes you build a bond with your real customers, optimizing sales and creating loyalty and trust.


What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a research-based profile that determines who is your targeted customer.
Buyer personas describe who your ideal customer is, what is the challenges that he/she can face, and how he/she can make a purchasing decision.

Why your business should use the buyer personas?

to acquire more target Audience
Empathize With your customers
Gain a competitive advantage
be able to segment your market
Guide your customer through the buying journey

How to Build a strong buyer persona?

Do the audience research
Identify your customers’ pain points
Use your website insights and social media analytics
Determine How Your brand can help

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