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Diversity in Egypt and different types of Egyptian companies

You can see the diversity in Egypt everywhere.

Egypt is well known for its high-quality sand, its beaches, its Nile river, its magnificent resorts, and for the metals beneath its grounds.

Also, Egypt is known too for its sun, wind and its renewable resources of Energy, for the fisheries, the agricultural crops, the exceptional rocks, the healing waters in Siwa, and known for a lot more.

Egypt had one of the strongest civilizations in the world before. Mainly because of the diversity in Egypt.

The fact that God has blessed Egypt with endless valuable resources has given Egypt that chance.

A chance of creating a civilization that still impacting not only Egypt but the whole world till today.

Egypt’s growth

Egypt is one of the fast-growing countries in the middle east, this is the main reason why investors worldwide choose Egypt as a country to invest in.

Many Egyptian businessmen prefer Egypt to invest in it too, as the nature of Egypt as a country makes of Egypt a very good option for fast growth and development.

The reason behind Egyptian businessmen investing in Egypt

The investment of rich Egyptian businessmen in Egypt causes a rise in the number of Egyptian companies.

The reasons for their investment in Egypt is not only because Egypt is rich in natural resources, and has diverse resources, but also for the easiness for the Egyptian businessmen to start a business in Egypt rather than any other country.

To explain it better, its very hard for Egyptian businessmen, and Egyptian entrepreneurs to start a business in any other country than Egypt, but why?

Because of the very harsh regulations that face Egyptians outside their home country.

Different resources in Egypt

The Nile valley, and Delta that God has gifted Egypt with have been a source of agricultural growth in Egypt, and civilizations development, and nourishment.

Also the Egyptians land is resourceful with the natural gas, petroleum, gold, iron ore, and many other blessings.

We can not forget also the sun that shines all over Egypt all year long where its an exceptional source of solar energy.

Add to it, the Egyptian sun can on its own be able to run a lot of factories and be the reason of no longer depending on non-renewable energy sources.

Upon talking about the renewable, and non-renewable energy sources we must not forget the winds in the Egyptian deserts, and how windmills can also help to stop using a lot of the non-renewable energy sources.

And we should never forget the nuclear energy Egypt can make use of, but how?

The black sand in Egypt in the Mediterranean coast bears a whole lot of uranium, so Egypt can make its own nuclear reactor, and be one of the most developed countries with a little more of investment in its natural resources.

And have you heard of an Egyptian city named Siwa?

Siwa is well known for its salty lakes, the saltiness in Siwa waters are extremely high causing the healing effect that many tourists search for, and add to it the detoxifying salty lakes.

Endless resources can be found in the Egyptian land, and being that rich is a reason for why always Egypt has been a target for invaders.

Not to mention also the manpower in Egypt, which was also always a strong reason for investors whether Egyptian or foreign to invest in Egypt.

Egyptian companies growth

The Egyptian companies are blessed to be located in Egypt, and that’s because of the many blessings we spoke of before in that article, and how the availability of the too many resources is an actual true asset for any company to start its business in Egypt.

Companies history in Egypt

Many Egyptian companies more than a hundred years ago in the reign of King Farouk and some of his ancestors were not yet nationalized, until the Egyptian revolution in “July 1952“.

After that, many Egyptian companies started getting nationalized, and the most important one of them was the company that was responsible for the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Foreign investors had the ability to re-own the companies again.

Since then, nationalization of the companies is not a must, and most probably that is because of the massive opening up for the Egyptian community, and the Egyptian economy.

Top Egyptian companies in the MENA region

Did you know that Forbes magazine in June 2018 has published that four of the Egyptian companies are among the most powerful 100 companies in the MENA region, Guess what are those companies?

CIB Picture

Image source: Wikipedia

The first one of them was the Commercial International Bank (CIB) CIB which is a well known strong private sector Egyptian bank.

The second in place was ElSewedy electric company This company net income in 2009 was 114.9 million USD.

After that Orascom Construction Limited came in the 3rd place where this company had a net profit back then in 2018 approximately 85 million USD.

The 4th company was Global Telecom company which has revenue in 2016 of 2.956 billion USD.

What are the kind of companies, and businesses growing tremendously in Egypt lately?

Real estate business in Egypt

As stated more than once before Egypt is blessed, and one of Egypt’s blessings is the massive land Egypt has.

Egypt lies over 1 million cubic square of area. That gave the chance for many real estate investors to build more buildings and residential compounds.

The land used for investment is not only in the capital city of Egypt ”Cairo”, but all over Egypt.

The reason for so is that there is a change in the mindset of the Egyptian community; People no longer seek to reside by the Nile and searching for places to live in the capital.

Instead, now Egyptians are searching for residential compounds that can help them relax. They are searching to have all the necessary amenities by their side to save time and effort.

Real estate companies have noticed so, they have noticed the winds of change in the Egyptian communities.

Those companies really made very good use of that change. They started to create even a whole community with all the required facilities for the Egyptian people.

The food sector in Egypt and the diversity in Egypt

Two main reasons were beyond the flourishing of the food sector in Egypt.

The first is the increase in the Egyptian population.

What do you think is the second reason?

The second reason is the increase in cultural diversity in Egypt.

Opening up the Egyptian community had a great influence on diversifying the Egyptian taste.

Food manufacturing companies, and restaurants whether international, or local restaurants all have their customers.

Remember with the increase in people number and cultural diversity, there is an increase in the variability of peoples taste.

Automotive companies in Egypt

Automotive companies have really nourished in Egypt lately.

The reason beyond that is the increase in the number of people who purchase cars in Egypt.

The Egyptians are buying cars every day for mainly 2 reasons.

The first reason is the method of transportation.

But what is the second reason?

Yes, exactly a lot of Egyptians use their cars as a source of their income.

“Many Egyptians recently have been purchasing cars to work as Uber drivers because of the increased number of Egyptians looking for such services as those offered by Uber, and Uber-like companies.

But its worth mentioning that although the Egyptians purchase power was the reason to flourish the automotive industry in the recent decade in Egypt, recently Egyptians created a campaign in Egypt which started months ago under the name of ”let it rust”.

”Let it rust” is a campaign targeting greedy car sellers in Egypt.”

Those car sellers are selling cars in Egypt for way more expensive price than the car international price.

The tourism sector in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt is a powerful source for economy nourishment.

There are different types of tourism in Egypt.

There is cultural tourism, medical tourism as stated before for the many of the Egyptian waters healing characteristics, and many other different types.

The tourism business is growing strongly in Egypt in many different ways.

For example, many investors build hotels in Egypt to increase the capacity of accommodating tourists.

Add to it many hotel chains focus on their presence in the Egyptian market.

So the kind of companies, and investors as explained that make good use of the tourism business in Egypt are mainly the hotel owners.

Not only the hotel owners, but also the hospitality companies, and the tourism companies play a vital role in the tourism in Egypt.

Hospitality companies are those companies that are responsible for tourists transportation, catering, and making the tourist feel comfortable.

Also, tourism companies in Egypt are getting very smart in using the diversified nature in Egypt, but how?

By getting to know some deserted places in Egypt that really attract tourists.

Startup companies in Egypt

Do you know that the number of startup companies has increased greatly in Egypt recently?

But why would the startups increase in Egypt?

The reason is the diversity of services required by the Egyptians.

Unfortunately, the Egyptian market still doesn’t serve all the needs of the Egyptians.

This gave the chance for many startups to fill in the gap.

Startups in Egypt focused on what’s missing in the Egyptian market. Worldwide delivery to Egypt is a very good example.

The worldwide delivery to Egypt is poor. A company known as “Edfa3ly” solved this problem.

edfa3ly photo

Image source: Edfa3ly

Edfa3ly enables any Egyptian to buy from the USA, UK, and many other countries worldwide. This made from Edfa3ly a very successful startup years ago.

Edfa3ly’s success continues as they always improve themselves.

Potential Industries in Egypt

Solar energy industry

The solar energy industry has a very promising future in Egypt.

The reason for being that promising is that Egypt has vast areas of desert with long hours of exposure to the Sun.

Using that solar energy will help decrease the usage of the non-renewable sources of energy, decrease pollution, and decrease the energy usage rates.

Wind energy industry

Investment in the wind industry in Egypt will be a very successful idea.

Egyptian winds by the Nile riverbank and the Suez Gulf area are powerful resources of energy.

That’s because the wind speed in Egypt has an average of 10.5 m/sec.

Hydroelectricity industry

River nile

Egyptian flowing waters are an excellent source of clean energy production.

Aswan low dam, Aswan high dam, and other Egyptian dams, and barrages are a very good source for hydroelectricity.

The agricultural industry in Egypt

Egypt relies on importing major agricultural crops like wheat, and corn from the united states of America, although, Egypt has many areas with very fertile soil that has not been used smartly enough yet.

The smart usage of the Egyptian fertile soil will help Egypt to reduce, and maybe eliminate the importation of agricultural crops.

So, to invest more in cultivating the right crops in Egypt is both crucial to Egypt, and has very high potential to succeed as an industry.

It is crucial to Egypt as unfortunately depending on other countries to send Egyptians the crops they mainly depend on is strategically dangerous.

Also, it is an industry of high potentiality for success as the Egyptian Economy, and Egyptian people need it.

Diversity, and success in Egypt

Yes, God has gifted Egypt with many natural resources. Those resources need still more investors to make use of. Egypt is an excellent platform for investors success.

Is this the whole truth?

Unfortunately not! There is a lot of corruption in Egypt. It is not always easy to make things right.

But with a strong will, you can succeed in Egypt.

Beautiful success with no corruption.

Corruption proved to have always the worst results in spite of easy beginnings.

Diversity in Egypt, and Egyptian companies in a nutshell

Egypt resources can help a lot of investors to invest in Egypt.

The investment will help nourish the Egyptian economy and decrease unemployment in the country.

Also, investment in Egypt helps the investors make quite successful businesses based on the availability of resources, and low cost of manpower.

Add to it investors can live quite a nice life in Egypt as it is a beautiful country with diversity everywhere so that diversity is good for both the investors and for Egypt.

That’s why Egypt can be one of the most suitable countries to launch your success.

Make the correct move, analyze right, and Start now!


Why Egyptian businessmen choose Egypt to invest in it?

1. Egypt has a diverse number of natural resources.
2. Laws for startups in Egypt for Egyptians are way better for them than outside of Egypt.

What are the business sectors that had grown Egypt recently?

1. Real estate business
2. Food sector
3. Automotive industry
4. Tourism industry

What are the potential industries in Egypt?

1. Solar energy industry
2. Wind energy industry
3. Hydroelectricity industry
4. Agricultural industry

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