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Entrepreneurial Tips Inspired by the Ocean’s Trilogy

You might be watching movies just for having fun; you might be watching Drama, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, etc… all types of movies can be watched at any time that you are in the mode for watching or even just because you have some free time and don’t have anything else to do, but sometimes moves get a bit inspiral.

Did you ever think about the fact that it can be applied in your real-life especially if you are an entrepreneur establishing your own business or a freelancer wants to be his own boss by running his business and having a career that can let him be financially independent which always comes at a high cost and since you reading this article then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this article we will talk about entrepreneurial tips that are inspired by the Ocean’s Trilogy, however of-course we are not talking about the grand theft, obviously.

  1. A good plan can always save the day :

    Most entrepreneurs jump to implementation first before putting down the entire plan for their startup.

    In some other cases which is not really better than the first one, they put some plan with a bunch of assumptions without any market research to support it which can lead to a tough shock that your startup’s budget might not be able to handle.

    Besides that you will always need a plan B, well don’t always expect your plan to workout just right, A plan B will always be your friend and won’t let you down.

  2. Make your plans timed :

    You can’t just put a plan without deadline and time limitations, not because you working on your own project/idea/startup then you can at any time you want or just whenever you are in the mode, you will need a firm timeline with deadlines as well, plans alone without the timeline and milestones checks won’t really work in your favor.

  3. Plans and ideas won’t ever work alone :

    A good plan and a great idea alone will never get you anywhere, the right implementation of your idea is the real deal.

    In Ocean’s Trilogy you can easily see how the entire team worked together just to implement a certain idea according to the plan, every single move they took, every single word they spoke, even every single little action they made was performed according to the plan, so it really depends how you implement your idea.

    Also, your ideas and plans should be kept a secret within your team, sometimes even it can be only revealed to some of the team members, be aware that you are not the only one in your industry there is a lot of competitors out there watching.

  4. Think outside the box :

    You might have heard that before and could be wondering what it really means, well it simply means that you should not be thinking and planning the same way that everybody else do.

    You should not try to solve a certain problem the same way you or anyone else you heard of did before and it didn’t actually work;

    In fact new and unconventional way of thinking that can really work always can attract more and more customers to your business, understanding your clients needs and putting yourself in your client’s shoes experiencing the problems he/she is facing and the solutions he tried before will let you come to an unconventional solution that can really work; in this case we are actually talking about the role of “George Clooney”.

  5. Get the right Partner for your Project :

    Having the right partner that really shares the same passion like you which doesn’t really have to be the same interests and beliefs of yours but at least both of you should be willing to reach the same goals even from different perspectives.

    for instance, you might be interested in programming and your partner only interested in business and marketing but both of you willing to make the idea/prototype comes to life, the real life, the real competitive market in your industry or field.

    As real market won’t be easy to dive into especially for high competitive niches/fields, to be able to compete with that then you obviously need to have the right partner with crystal-clear partnership terms, in this tip we talking about the role of “Brad Pitt”.

  6. Ask for the influencers and experts advice :

    Well, in each single field you will find an Influencer at least if not a lot more than that one, their advice is seriously precious since they really been through alot as they didn’t reach the point they at right now with ease so you will learn alot from their experience plus there is no shame at asking.

  7. Building up your Team for the wild journey :

    Having a partner is not always enough to dive into the market and win the competition you will also need a solid team that appreciates teamwork with the right characters that can push you forward with your startup journey through the real market.

    In this tip we are actually talking about the entire crew of the Gang !!

  8. Take the risk :

    Well, the greater the risk the bigger the benefits, however, it doesn’t mean that you should throw yourself off the cliff and expect to fall on a huge pillow that can save your life because it just doesn’t work like that.

    Also being afraid of trying and implementing your ideas and just staying on the couch thinking about won’t really get you anywhere.

    So planned and managed risk can pay off just right, Risk Management is your good friend.

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