What is Promediaz

The main objective of Promediaz is to deliver quality content to the right audience in multiple fields/categories according to the standards that retain the loyalty of our visitors.

We are mainly focused on the delivered information and the quality of each single piece of content delivered and published through our network.

We are also interested in spreading out the culture of blogging and allowing our members to spread their words out by publishing their content online plus engaging with our audience through our community.

We currently offer the following types of memberships according to each of our targeted segments as  :

For websites owners:

We connect websites that’s sharing the same field/niche as a community to direct these websites visitors to reach the information they looking for even if they couldn’t find it on the website they currently visiting then they can find it on our widget integrated on that website or through the Promediaz community itself.

    1. The websites that’s registered with our network must meet our standard criteria which is expected by our network visitors.
    2. The website owners can register their websites through our “Websites Owners Program”.
    3. The program significantly increase the traffic to the registered websites plus a better reach for the website’s articles through a community of the same interest or category.

For writers/authors :

We work along with the writers interested in blogging and content creation in general to register for a free 3 months membership program to write their articles that will be published through Promediaz network.

    1. Each author will have his own profile attached to each article he/she writes.
    2. Each article written by the author will be reviewed by an editor that’s specialized in the field of the submitted article.
    3. With each article submitted we send tips and guidelines to the author to enhance his/her blogging skills.
    4. The author online presence and blogging career will be enhanced by Promediaz Network.
    5. At the end of the 3 months membership program if the author wants to continue writing for Promediaz then he/she can contact us then his/her submitted articles during the 3 months will be reviewed and if the author meets our standards then a permanent membership will be given to him/her for free.

For Companies/Startups :

We offer a membership for companies/startups which includes a profile for the company on our website which will showcase the company’s information, services, products, social profiles and contacts.

Plus registering the company’s members that’s responsible for the company’s delivered content like company’s blog, news and events, press releases and case studies to submit articles about the company and get their accounts associated with the company profile on our network.

The company’s profile will showcase the company identity with all the registered members profile summary that’s associated with each article that the member submit plus having these members articles in the company’s blog area which will lead to more exposure and enhanced online presence and will also help getting more qualified leads and closing deals.