Terms and Conditions For Authors

  1. Don’t copy an article or even pieces of other articles into yours, however you can only quote with mentioning the source of your quote.
  2. When you use an image make sure it’s allowed to be reused and shared publicly, you can use Google search advanced tools for that and if the copyrights of the picture still not clear to you then you gonna have to contact the image owner and take his permission before using the picture, as alternative you can ask us for getting a proper image for your article.
  3. Don’t use a video in your article unless you have the right to reuse it and share it.
  4. If you make a video on your own and you want to add it to your article then make sure that all the materials in that video like the music, pictures, etc. are allowed to be reused and shared publicly or create it yourself.
  5. In general, any media that you will add to your article must be allowed to be reused and shared publicly or create it yourself.
  6. Choose the right language for your article.
  7. Choose the correct category for your article
  8. Never use H1 as a heading in your articles and start using from H2 all the way to H6 as much as you need and as long as it’s proper to be used.
  9. Don’t make your article looks like big chunks and break it down to smaller paragraphs to make it easier for the audience to read it.
  10. Always try to engage your audience in all of your writings and open the door for discussion at the end of your article by asking a question or asking the reader about what his own thoughts when it’s appropriate.
  11. Any articles related to the following categories/fields won’t be approved for publishing : pornography, drugs, alcohol, weapons, bets and casinos. Unless it’s a medical related solutions/rehab and backed up with firm resources mentioned in the article.
  12. For religious and political articles, you can only write historical related facts, any point of view or special agenda opinion related content won’t be approved for publishing.
  13. For Breaking news and media coverage, make sure that your article provides enough information for the reader about the incident/news.