How to use Promediaz Traffic Platform’s WordPress Plugin

Here is how to you use our Traffic Platform’s WordPress Plugin to verify your website and add our widgets to your website :

  1. Once you add your website to our platform, you will receive an email which will provide you with your website Token/Key, by which you will be able to activate and verify your website so keep in a save place.
  2. Download Our WordPress Plugin From here : Click Here , save the downloaded plugin Zip file in a save place as you will upload it to your WordPress site in the next steps.
  3. Open your wordpress site and login to you dashboard
  4. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  5. On the top left Corner click the button saying : “Upload Plugin”
  6. Click on choose file and choose the downloaded zip file that you downloaded in step 2.
  7. Click on Activate.
  8. Now on the left side bar in the dashboard you will find a new tab called : “Traffic Widget”, click it.
  9. Insert your website Token/key that you received in step 1 or contact us if you didn’t receive it.
  10. Click “verify site”, And that’s it.
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