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Android 10: Final Build To Be Released

Android 10 is almost in the market.

If you are an Andriod user, then you have to know everything about the upcoming Andriod software.

And since that, the next version of Android is almost here.

It means that it is the time of new features and new updates.

The new Andriod has a renewed focus on privacy, and for the first time in Android history, it doesn’t have a tasty dessert name to accompany it.

That’s right, Google is officially done with dessert names and is instead shifting to a simpler numerical naming scheme.

As such, Android Q’s official name is simply “Android 10”.

And it’s bringing a lot of goodies to go along with it.

Google recently released its sixth and final Android Q beta as they prepare to release the next version of Android.

In this guide we’ll go over everything we know about Android 10, what’s new so far, what changed in the Android Q beta 6 release and what owners can expect.

Everything you need to know about Android 10

Android 10

Improved Privacy Protection & Controls

Google made major changes in Android Q that focus on privacy protection.

Additionally, users have a deeper level over privacy controls too, which was expected. Look for more information on this in the near future.

Dark Theme

A new system-wide dark theme is available by going to Settings > Display.

This will improve battery life and offers several usage benefits.

Privacy Manager

There’s a new ”Privacy Manager” menu in settings where all the app privacy controls are simplified under one unified area.

Expanded Location Controls

Similar to the new privacy controls and options.

Google is taking a huge new approach to location controls, location data, and user tracking in Android Q.

Multi-tasking Bubbles

We saw hints and leaks of the new ”Bubbles” in Android Q earlier this year.

And they arrived in the 2nd beta.

Bubbles are little circles that go anywhere, float over other apps, and help you multitask with ease.

Like the Facebook Messenger ”chat heads” where you can quickly open or minimize a conversation.

But for entire apps. We are still not sure how this will work.

Smart Reply, Suggested Actions

Starting in Beta 3, Google enabled system-provided smart replies and actions that are inserted directly into notifications by default.

Similar to smart reply options in Gmail.

Live Caption: One of the most exciting new features from Google I/O is the live caption.

Live Caption is able to provide real-time captions for just about anything on your phone.

An improved share menu

Android’s share menu has been a hot mess for a while now.

Thankfully, Android 10 addresses this.

The new software introduces something called “Sharing Shortcuts“.

A Sharing Shortcut allows developers to create a new option in the share menu that will share a file, photo, etc.

In a specific part of another app much faster than before.

And there are more features to be added to the new Android.

We are just waiting for the final build of Android 10 to be released.

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