WWF Former Tag Team Champion Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell


I have had the pleasure of meeting this man, Overall a great guy, Formally known as NWO WOLFPACK MEMBER.

The story's he told me about what it took to be with NWO and what they expected. Sadley enough he dropped out of the NWO he was told he couldn't cut anymore. And so he said that he went on his own having matches with each member of the Wolfpack defeating them all except Kevin Nash.

He said it didn't matter if he beat Nash or not at least the WOLFPACK knew were I stood in the WWF. He also stated that not long after he left the NWO WOLFPACK the company was changed to WWE making him a free agent.

Bagwell left the company only to open up his own business. Bagwell wanted to have his own business. A kind of business wear kids can go to learn about Wrestling and to keep them off the street.

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