WWE UNIVERSE : Stephanie McMahon Is Abusing Her Power.

WWE UNIVERSE, Stephanie McMahon is abusing her power.

So everybody wants my opinion about WWE abusing there power, Well I will tell you my opinion and hope no one gets upset at what i'm about to say. So here it goes…

Yes the Stephanie McMahon is abusing her power like she has always done and the thing is a superstar can't really do or go against her because they need their jobs just like you and Me.

Yes I do strongly agree that she is not fit to run Raw because she just there for the money or shall I say her daddy's money.

She has everything handed to her she was even born with a silver spoon in her mouth and it aggravates me because those of the WWE UNIVERSE pay there hard earned money to buy a ticket or pay the network just to watch.

Not one time have I ever heard her or Vince say thank you to the WWE UNIVERSE. With saying that just because we enjoy watching makes me relax a little.

It's just mind blowing how she treats the WWE superstars if you ain't kissing her butt then she turns against you by making you look like a fool in front of thousands of people.

She needs to lighten up and realize she gets dressed the same way you and I do.

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