WWE News : Shane McMahon is abusing his authority

WWE News : Shane McMahon is abusing his authority


So another McMahon abusing his power and it's getting out of control. Shane McMahon puts his in a match at Wrestlemania and signs a contract with Aj Styles.

Just to have Aj Styles beat him up. I mean come on people really. Stephanie and Shane come from the same Gene pool. They're just like there Dad.

I really don't think him or her is in it for the for the fans therefore for the money.

Yes Shane will be beat by Aj Styles at Wrestlemania. I hope Shane don't think this will help him with the show, his ego Is gonna get the best of him.

Last time he was in the ring with Undertaker he lost to the dead man. Shane McMahon is in way over his head with a match with Aj Styles.

Shane may have a got a little bit of revenge on Aj but that's all he will get. It upsets me to know that he can put himself in a match at the grandest stage of them all.

It's called abusing power. The last spot could've been filled by another superstar besides him.

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