WWE Main Events, Why does WWE always save the best for last ?

WWE Main Events


Why does WWE always save the best for last. If it was me I would put the main events first then put another one at the end of the show this is why I like ppv because every match is the main event especially WRESTLEMANIA

It has been known for WWE to always keep main event to the last match but like I said it would be cool if they would put main events at the beginning of the show… However if they did do that it would probably mess the whole show up… It was just an idea I was wanting to throw out there... so I’m working on messaging the WWE and giving them a few of my ideas but no replies yet I guess they don't message ordinary people like us...

Main events in WWE I guess are what keeps us watching and in suspense all the time. If I could ever step foot inside a WWE ring just one time I could look back and say this is were the main events happen… My dream is to one day step foot in the WWE ring were all the main events happen. But for know I will just keep hoping that one day it will happen for me..

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