WWE is Real !

WWE is Real


Imagine getting hit with a metal fold up chair, do think that wouldn't hurt?

Wrestling is very real. Some people think it's fake. Yes there are scripts to follow but in most cases chairs and ring post hell even the steel steps come into play.

Imagine getting hit with something like that. That's how injuries happen in WWE today.

Getting a drop kick to the face or a four arm to the face. Just think about some of the moves that are used today.

WWE banned the power driver because of so many injuries were happening.

Think about it, I mean seriously !!

I truly believe wrestling is real. Have you ever looked at the marks and bruises on a WWE superstar after a hardcore match or if the opponent is a sore loser ?

He or she will break out of control and go totally ballistic on you and use a table or tendon stick.

Next time you watch raw or smackdown watch it very closely and then and only then you see what i'm talking about.

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