WWE Former Champion Takes Cloths Off At Bowling Alley

WWE John Cena


Former champ John Cena was with a few other superstars on the there day off at a local bowling alley and decided to play the drinking game while bowling.

Which means every time you rolled gutter ball you had to take a shot. Apparently Cena took to many shots according to Ryback and hey said he was in on the game but he soon realized that Cena couldn't hold his liquor down.

Santino Morally was another superstar playing the game but Cena was the only one who was taking his clothes off. According to Ryback the owner made them out because of Cena's behavior.

Ryback couldn't believe how Cena was acting. How Cena was supposed to be a hero to kids and instead he took his clothes off during the drinking game. This happened a few months ago. Apparently there were celebrating Ryback birthday and Ryback said Cena ruined his party..

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