Why I love WWE That Much !!



Some people may be aware that WWE is much more than just a show. Here is a couple of reasons why I enjoy watching wrestling so much, it's not just because of the matches they have. But because there are a part of a couple of huge organizations such as “make a wish foundation” and “anti bullying group”.

And they do for these kids. Anti bullying is an organization that helps kids deal with other kids that are bullying them. Helps them get through it. And the make a wish foundation gives WWE superstars to the chance to make kids with special needs to make there dreams come true.

This is why WWE is a big part of my life and it's also why I think the kids need a role model to help them deal with whatever difficulty or problems they have in there life.

WWE has been doing this for years. I have been a member of the anti bullying group for 3 years now. I decided to join the group after reading what they are about. I am a strong believer in this group because I was bullied for 12 years while I was going to school. But I overcame it with the help of WWE and their reaching out to those who are being bullied.

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