Was Kurt Angle placed in the Hall of Fame too soon ?

Was Kurt Angle placed in the Hall of Fame too soon?


There is no doubt that Kurt Angle deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. With many memorable moments, and a long list of accomplishments he is one of the greatest pure atheletes to come through the WWE. But am I the only person who thinks that it's too soon? Like I stated he deserves it! I just also believe he isn't done.

He commented he wasn't retiring after TNA, and with numerous rumors of him competing at this years Wrestlemania, can we expect him to become another big Part-Timer like Brock Lesnar and Goldberg? I think that could be a safe assumption myself. I also think he could be an amazing coach for the developmental superstars in NXT. His career accomplishments are substantial enough to where he could be an influence in WWE regardless of position he is in. But I just really think he belongs in the ring still. I'd love to fantasize about him possibly collaborating with American Alpha! As much as that fantasy would be cool, Kurt Angle deserves to be on the main stage a few more times.

When we look at these returning in ring legends, we know they are brought in to help ease the transition into a new era by coming in and performing those great matches us long time fans miss so much. I know Kurt Angle can deliver that everytime. We all know that.

So maybe I am old fashioned but I think someone who is in the Hall of Fame should already have retired from in ring competition. If that were the case the Undertaker is long overdue for his Hall of Fame ring. I'm not even a big Taker fan, but he has been the one constant in WWE. So for Angle to be inducted, and there still be these questions of him performing, is that really fair? I will state again Angle is without a doubt, deserving of the induction. But is it too soon?

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