Two Former Heavyweight Champs at Game Changer Match Wrestlemania 2017

Breaking news: Two Former Heavyweight Championships at Game Changer Match Wrestlemania 2017


Rumors are speculating around WWE about the Dead Man, Roman Reigns threw Undertaker over the top rope at ROYAL RUMBLE. So rumors are speculating around WWE for Roman Reigns and Undertaker to battle it out at Wrestlmania 2017.


The Undertaker

If this rumor is true who will emerge victorious will it be Roman or Undertaker both without a doubt very powerful. Rumors floating around in WWE locker rooms. This could be the match to put Roman Reigns at the top of his game or it could be Undertaker….


Roman WWE


Can't wait to see how it's gonna be at Wrestlemania 2017, a lot of rumors our there already.........

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