Two Biggest Icons in WWE Today at The Royal Rumble 2017

Two Biggest Icons in WWE Today at The Royal Rumble 2017


Two of WWE biggest icons face to face with beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. Last night the main event was Bill Golberg talking about how he was gonna win the Rumble this sunday.

As soon as he started to speak Brock Lesnar shows up comes down to the ring and stands face to face with Golberg a few seconds go by and then it happened all the lights went out.

As soon as they came back on the Undertaker was standing next to them staring the both down. It was A look of pure hatred.

Almost like he was telling them he was gonna put them in there place,I truly believe this year's Royal Rumble gonna be off the hook.

If Golberg wins or Undertaker wins I like them both, Brock Lesnar on the other hand is not my favorite. I would like to see Lesner lose. And for all you John Cena fans, I am hearing that he will not be favored to win the Title at the Rumble.

But however he is supposed to win it later on this year to tie up with Rick Flair. I can't wait till sunday. I also just found out that Jericho will be lock inside a shark cage above the ring and the match between Owens and Roman is now a no DQ match .. The Royal Rumble is gonna be one hell of a show...

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