The Life of a WWE Superstar

The Life of a WWE Superstar

A Lot of people think wrestling is fun and games. Let me tell you a little story about the lifestyle of a WWE superstar.

First things first, A WWE superstar only spends about a week maybe two weeks at home if they're lucky 90% of live on their bus on the road, sometimes they want to drive to the next show just to have some peace and quiet so they rent a car and head out.

Sometimes they feel like they need to be alone just to calm down from a show. Some of the biggest names in WWE have went to hollywood to make movies, for instance take a look at the ROCK one of hollywood's biggest actors today, RANDY ORTAN, JOHN CENA,BIG SHOW, MIZ, DOLPH ZIGGLER have all made movies even TRIPLE H has made a movie.

But all of these superstars have returned to ring, except the ROCK he makes appearances every once in while, But that's what makes it interesting because you never know when he is gonna show.

The reason why I have so much respect for CENA because he does alot for the make wish foundation for kids. CENA has made a lot of kids wishes come true. The only way they can spend time at home is if they ask for time off or get injured. If you have ever wondered how the WWE superstars are able to stay away from home that long,It's one of two things, number one they are single and not married, two they are dating one of the divas.. This is the basic on The Life of a WWE Superstar.

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