The Let Go List Continues To Dominate The WWE Universe Talks

The Let Go List Continues To Dominate The WWE Universe Talks


As a fan with WWE when I hear that some of the old school superstars being let go in 2017, I feel like it would be a big let down for some of us, For instance Jack Swagger being fired from WWE is not just a big let down for WWE but some of the new talents are just getting there feet wet and still able to have a WRESTLEMANIA moment.

I personally love old school superstar. The attitude Era was one of WWE universe favorite times.

Since everything had gone pg we hardly ever see any blood and we do we say I thought this was pg rating.

I mean seriously they could make the story lines better than what they're doing.

I have been watching since I was a kid and I guess I will continue to watch WWE.

I also think the Divas need more matches on Raw rather than having CRUISER WEIGHTS matches.

So we need to see how the new talents gonna do to be able to make their WRESTLEMANIA MOMENTS.

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