The Dark Side Of WWE Superstars.



Rumor has it that some WWE superstars have a dark side they don't want their fans to know about. In 1998 Big show was arrested for exposing himself in front of a hotel clerk but do to the lack of evidence he was released and then again arrested for breaking a man's jaw and again released due to a lack of evidence.

Rumors are being told that WWE superstars don't know how to adapt to real life outside of the ring. Big Show known for being a giant in the ring and using it to his advantage outside the ring.

Randy Orton when he was just getting his career started he was arrested for for stealing for his addiction for drugs. There are others who were arrested for crimes acts outside the ring and after retirement so many can't name them all.

I have been reading different articles about it and they all say the same thing which concerns WWE Superstars and their life of criminal acts.

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