Superstar Bleeding Mouth Match Followed by Backstage Brutal Attack



Last night's pay per view main event Roman vs Stroman.

After being pinned by Stroman and the match being over he continued beating on Roman with putting the steel steps to his ribs causing Roman to start bleeding from the mouth.

However Roman needed help out of the arena but refused the help he wanted to walk out on his own.

Then being attacked again by Stroman at backstage.

WWE general manager will announce tonight on Raw if Stroman does not take the suspension, he will be fired from WWE.

Kurt Angle is meeting the Board today. Stroman keeps doing everything in his power to go over the scripts and do what he wants to do.

We will see the results tonight on raw.

Personally I think if they are paying you that much money you need to do whatever the hell they tell you.

With that being said good bye Stroman.

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