Sting won of America's biggest icons in WWE today



Sting first made his appearance on UWF, from there it became WCW, sting never signed a contract with WWE.
The reason for this is because Sting said he was a WCW man but with saying that Vince did not want him to be on Monday Night Raw because Vince didn't know how it would affect the company.

When WCW was changed to monday night nitro sting just took along time off .. Even now he just makes appearances every now than, by time wrestlemania came about in 2016, Triple H called Sting to meet with him with the WWE board of directors Triple H wanted to know if Sting would like to sign a contract to fight him at wrestlemania. Sting was overwhelmed by this, of course Sting agreed to it.

He could not believe he was going to his very first Wrestlemania. Sting said it was a dream came true for him. This is something he never got the chance to do until he received the phone call. Sting said am going to Wrestlemania. It was three months away. Sting began his workouts and training almost right away, he wanted to be ready.

Sting told some viewers about how nervous he was because this was his first wrestlemania in all his career. Sting started out with using different color paint on his face then when he took off to reinvent himself everyone was shocked to see him return in black and white, this when NWO is on WCW. After having several matches with HOLLYWOOD HOGAN, Sting became a member of NWO..Eventually Sting just faded away .. And so did the NWO .. KEVIN NASH, HOGAN, SCOTT HALL, STING … They were all apart of something the wrestling world will never forget ...

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