Some Of The Mistakes In WWE Universe's History

Some Of The Mistakes In WWE Universe's History


Why is it that some of our old school WWE superstars have to wait until they pass away to be in the WWE HALL OF FAME. BRET THE HIT MAN HEART was never put in the HALL OF FAME yet but for some reason SHAWN MICHAELS is in.

My personal opinion BRET THE HIT MAN HEART was much better in the ring than SHAWN MICHEALS. I personaly think putting MICHEALS as A HALL OF FAMER was a mistake THE HIT MAN should have been inducted to the HALL OF FAME first that's just why I get upset with the WWE sometimes.

If you look back in 1993 THE HITMAN had some of the most top ten moments in WWE history. And bringing SHAWN MICHAEL to the ROYAL RUMBLE instead of the HITMAN, Big mistake. Sorry it's just how I look at things.

I will dig a little deeper into this and find out why made an appearance at the RUMBLE. We all know he has a movie coming out big deal, a lot of WWE superstars make movies, but he just waited 20 years to do it.

Another mistake I found was WWE getting rid of the elimination chamber Pay Per View huge money maker for WWE but they chose to go away with.

Big mistake…

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