Ownes Ripped Off His United States Championship Title


Ownes Ripped Off His United States Championship Title


Chris Jericho defeated Kevin Owens last night for the United States championship and as promised he will be heading to Smackdown live to defend it against Aj Styles at the upcoming pay per view.

I'm pretty sure Aj will beat Jericho for the United States championship.

I'm willing to bet Jericho will leave WWE after the next title defense.

It had been a big turnaround for Jericho after leaving the side of Owens.

The big question is what's next for Owens because as we all know Owens thinks he has gold around his waist all the time.

Same question remains for Jericho will he leave WWE after title defense or will he stick around. And have a championship title run.

He is still undecided at this time. With Jericho being United States champion there will be a huge target on his back when arriving to smackdown live tomorrow night.

Picture Source : WWE.com

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