Mickie James is back to Smackdown Live

Mickie James is back to Smackdown Live

Remember in one of my articles I was asking where some of the wwe superstars had gone. Well last night on smackdown live a person came to the ring during the divas championship match and jumped in the middle of the match wearing a mask and Becky Lynch aka (lass kicker) lost the match, after the match was over Becky Lynch pulled the mask off and low and behold it was (Mickie James).

We all got a big surprise out of that, totally unexpected. The look on my face, my jaw dropped to the floor. So i am guessing she’s going to be on smackdown live next week with match to follow up with Becky Lynch.

For the last few weeks she has been appearing at ring side with the divas champion but nobody knew who she was until now. I can almost bet she is up no good she didn't show up outta the blue for nothing.

I will find out why she came back and why she picked smackdown live. My next question, Is Mickie James going after the divas championship? If so it will be one hell of a match.

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