Jerry The King Lawler banned from WWE

It has been reported that King has been banned from WWE, But my sources tell me he will be joining us at ringside for the Royal Rumble Jan 29th.

I am confused here. What's going at WWE, first they say Jerry Lawler banned from WWE and now he's going to be doing commentary at the royal rumble.

Something doesn't smell right about this. If you look back a couple of weeks ago Jerry Lawler was in the ring asking Dolph Ziggler about his recent matches, Ziggler didn't like what Jerry was saying so Ziggler kick him in the chin and then JBL ran up to the ring to help Jerry.

Ziggler runs out of the ring to the locker rooms. That might have something to do with Jerry Lawler being banned from WWE, But why would WWE board of directors banned the King only to bring back at the Royal Rumble.

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