Is WWE Authority Doing What's Good For Business ?

Does WWE Authority Doing What's Good For Business ?


I mean no harm when I talk about the Authority of WWE but to me it's just wrong on how they are are running things around the business that a lot of us love to see and watch.

But if you wanna get down and dirty and climb the ladder in WWE you gotta kiss ass.

For an example look at where it got Seth Rollins. He played a role in climbing that ladder just like others before him. Rollins had the championship handed to him by Triple H.

Then when Rollins got hurt he had to be out for a while and then he makes his return only to be stated in the back by the Authority.

And now he's having to fight to earn back what was taken from him and that was his self confidence.

Seth Rollins was and is still very competitive in the ring. Rollins, Roman, and Dean need to get back together and reunite. Together they were unstoppable.

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