How I Got Into Wrestling And became The World's Biggest Fan


When I was a kid around 9 or 10 my dad got me into watching wrestling he was watching it on tv and I sat down with him to watch it and been watching it ever since. He said to me I want you to understand that wrestling is just a show they put on for people to watch and to make money off it, but I didn't care it was real interesting to me and ever since then I have been watching it.

I started watching all the way back from when Jerry the King Lawler from Memphis Wrestling. From there it went on to become ECW for a while then shortly after ECW had its run, the company was bought out by a company who called themselves WWF, That's when it started becoming more interesting to watch.

A few years later it was bought out again by a man who we all know as Vince McMahon. Some of the superstars are still there today. But don't compete like they used to they are working behind the scene at WWE headquarters ..Some of my favorite superstars have died from in ring performances and others from drug overdose.

Then there are some who died from natural causes. A Lot of the new talents in WWE are really good and will be going places with their careers in WWE and others just come and go. Just the top names in WWE have matches on camera and there are others who wrestle off camera .. So I guess i'm saying if you find something in life that you are interested don't wait for it, go for it ,It's your dream, follow it as I've mention in my article : Follow Your Dreams.

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I write about WWE and all the superstars, its just what i know. my wife tells me I get into it too much but someday I will be able to tell my story about how I got into WWE and starting being the worlds biggest fan.