Give Credit Where Credit Is Due - WWE

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due - WWE


I was reading an article by Joshua and he made some very interesting points. One that have to agree with is the diva division, last night on smackdown live there was no divas matches.

Yes the Cruiserweight division is having more matches than the divas division. I would like to know why some of the divas have been there longer than the Cruiserweight has.

I thought the reason to start the divas division was to get them to have more matches but yet there falling at that yes they have had a couple of first time ever cage matches that were very good but still the question remains.

As a WWE fan should be asking these question, or just watch and see how it plays out .. In the divas division I would like to see a different women's champion besides Charlotte Flair .. I believe if we keep seeing her as champ we're gonna get tired of her. it's time for a new women's champ.

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