Former World Champion Decline His Return To The WWE Ring At Royal Rumble


The apperance of The Heart Break Kid Shawn Micheals on Raw raised the expectation of his fans to see him wrestle once again at the Royal Rumble. In a recent TMZ interview he was asked about the rumours of his return to the WWE ring again, unforttunally The Heart Break Kid decline all speculation of his return to the ring. 

Good to know, since his retirement from pro-wrestling after the career match between him and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. He made a number of apperance on WWE TV but he never wresteld in any match. His apperance last week on Monday Night Raw episode to promote his new movie and due to the Royal Rubmle been mentioned several times in his promo, the thought comes to many that could be a return for The Heart Break kid.

Shawn Michaels Raw

The Royal Rumble will be this year in January 29th in San Antonio, Texas. Since that PPV known as the event that had a great suprising returns and San Antonio also is the hometown of shawn Micheals so many believed that The Heart Break Kid will return for one match at the Royal Rumble this month. However , when the former WWE star asked about if we could see him again in the ring he said:

No, not if I can help it

Shawn Michaels Raw 2

Since his last match against The Undertaker six years ago he kept his promise to not wretle again. So the possibilities of seeing him back to the ring again are not look so bright. For many of us it's a bit disappointing to know that we're not going to see Shawn Micheals wresling ever again. 

The Royal Rumble this month has a great stars such as Goldberg, Lesnar and The Undertaker so we still hope that this event will be a memorable PPV.


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