Former Champion Getting Attacked From Behind

Former Champion Getting Attacked From Behind


WWE Former Champion Seth Rollins turns babyface after slaying the King of kings Triple H.

Samoa Joe told Rollins he would get his payback after what he did to Triple H and Stephanie.

But he didn't get it because Rollins took him down.

Samoa Joe tried to re-injure his knee but he failed to do so.

Joe still looking to hurt Rollins. He was attacked from behind by Samoa Joe Monday night during the main event causing him and Finn Balor to lose the match.

The fued between them both will probably continue for awhile just to keep their ratings up.

As long as Triple H is out the fued will continue after all they call him the one legged man who slayed the king of kings.

Seth Rollins will be the next universal champion and a damn good one as long as he remains babyface.

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