Follow Your Dreams

Life and the impossible dreams …. And what becomes of it.
People often live their lives on dreams and hope. Life can be amazing if you live it by following your dreams.

For example I always wanted to write about WWE and never knew how i was gonna do it until I came across (Promediaz).

I was looking into what the company was about and I saw an article someone had wrote about WWE, so I dug a little deeper into the company and I saw this thing where you can write about WWE, so I sent a text message to the company and almost instantly I got a response back.

I was told I could write about WWE and could be published for the whole world to read. So I am doing what i love to do, not just writing about WWE but writing articles.

I was informed however that I could write about anything in general. I have a lot of things I could write about. Writing about WWE and pretty much anything is my dreams.

I hope to some day be a writer and write my very own book, i believe with the help of (Promediaz) that dream can and will come true for me.

I live paycheck to paycheck and it's not fun. I struggle every week to support my family but the main thing is we are happy because we have food on the table the bills are paid gas in the truck.

Never stop believing in yourself if you have a dream about what you want to do in life don't give up follow your dreams. There will be people that will tell you that your dreams are not worth following, pay no attention to them do what makes you and your family happy.

Never give up … You are never too old to follow your dreams it's what keeps hope alive inside your heart. Don't depend on someone else to help you follow your dreams you got to that on your own.


About The Author
Creative Author at Promediaz
I write about WWE and all the superstars, its just what i know. my wife tells me I get into it too much but someday I will be able to tell my story about how I got into WWE and starting being the worlds biggest fan.