Brock Lesnar Keeping The Universal Title

Brock Lesnar Keeping The Universal Title


Can someone please explain to me why the hell did the WWE give Brock Lesnar the universal Title And not let him defend it at payback but only making him a part time employee, I mean really ?

Now I hear at the WWE shake up they might be stripping him of the title, it Was total b.s.

How much more dumb stuff are they gonna come up with. As champion you have to be able to defend the title every 30 days.

Brock Lesnar is not one of my favorites he has no mic skills. He has to have Paul Heyman to do all his talking.

That tells me that Lesnar has no in ring skills, all he has is the suplex other than that he can't wrestle worth a dime.

Hit him in the stomach and he is done not much of champion if you ask me.

If the WWE would just give it to someone who really deserves it. Pardon my french when I say this and hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings but Lesnar is an asshole.

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