Austin 3:16

Austin 3:16

Stone Cold Steve Austin..

Since Stone Cold made his presents known back when WWE was called WWF he always got in huge arguments with Vince. One that especially remember is Stone Cold coming out in a beer truck drove it all the way to the ring spraying everybody in the ring with beer. That was called the attitude area, That's when wrestlers got busted open on almost every match.

Stone got cut open several times, but he still kept going to finish the match. He went on to become the world heavyweight champion at wrestlemania. Shortly after wrestlemania, Vince had a special guest on the show and it just happen to be iron Mike Tyson.

Vince called Tyson the baddest man on the planet. As soon as that happen Stone Cold come out to the ring and said Tyson was standing in the middle of his ring and he wanted a piece of Tyson.

Well, Steve Austin told Tyson if he didn't understand what he was saying he could show him in sign language and flipped Tyson the bird.

Tyson then proceeded to push Austin down on the floor. Austin was dragged out of the arena by bodyguards and security. Police were standing by in case they had to put him him in handcuffs … Stone said on podcast if he had it do all over again … he wouldn't change a thing.....

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